Queenscliff Scuba Diving

If you want to strike a perfect balance between quaint small-town Australia, fantastic fishing, and scuba diving to your heart's content, then Queenscliff should definitely make your shortlist.

This enchanting small town is right at the southern-most point of Australia, just across the bay from Melbourne, making it an idyllically tranquil stop-off for those who have had their fill of the city.

Queenscliff scuba diving provides a veritable buffet of underwater delights, with encounters with dolphins and seals on the menu, as well as a diversity of wrecks and reefs to dive.

The town serves as a perfect launch point for sampling the endless water-based activities available in Port Phillip Bay, limited not only to scuba diving, but also sailing, fishing, windsurfing, and more.

Water temperatures peak in January with a range of 64-67ºF (17-20ºC) and dip to their lowest in July, with a range of 57-60ºF (13-16ºC).

A Cultural Draw For Queenscliff Scuba Diving

Positioned right on the entrance to Port Phillip, Queenscliff is a small seaside village on the Bellarine Peninsula that has a fascinating history.

This quiet coastal destination began drawing tourists as long ago as the late 19th century. At that time, visitors would take a two-hour paddle steamer ride from Melbourne to take in the sights!

In 1879, a railway line was opened that connected Queenscliff to Geelong, bringing even more tourists and fuelling the development of luxury hotels that were known to their guests as “coffee palaces”. Today, the remnants of this romantic era can be seen in the town's historic Victorian-era facades, lighthouses, and fishermen's cottages, which are often separated from the majestic cliffs by beautiful parkland.

While the railway line is no longer operational, visitors can explore the wider area by taking the ferry across the Bay mouth to Sorrento on the opposite Mornington Peninsula.

Interestingly, Queenscliff also serves as a strategic defence post in the 19th century, due to its advantageous position at the mouth of Port Phillip. This helps to paint an intriguing historical picture of the origin of the many shipwrecks that can be explored by those taking the plunge with Queenscliff scuba diving.

Of course, visitors may also time their trip to coincide with the Queenscliff Seafood Feast, which is a fun culinary festival that raises funds for the local Royal Children's Hospital. Inspiringly, the marine cuisine on offer is created using fresh seafood donated by local fishermen.

Taking to the Water for Queenscliff Scuba Diving and More

If you love nothing more than taking to the waves, then Queenscliff is bound to appeal. The village is surrounded on three sides by water, with the coastline comprised of cliffs, rocky outcrops, glorious sandy beaches, and a smattering of charming peers.

From these waterfronts, charter boats will carry you to excellent scuba diving spots for visiting shipwrecks, reefs, and all sorts of marine animals. If swimming with dolphins has always been on your bucket list then Queenscliff certainly wont disappoint!

As luck has it, right at the heart of tiny Queenscliff is Victoria's only dedicated Scuba and Snorkel education and experience center. From here, a long-established dive company serves scuba divers visiting the area, taking groups on guided dives and accommodating their equipment hiring needs. They also offer tours of the historic World War II Queenscliff Fort for those who really want to dive into the history!

Queenscliff scuba diving is a great option for beginner and advanced scuba divers alike, because the full spectrum of dive courses are available, as well as numerous novice-friendly and more challenging diving locations.

The Queenscliff Dive Center offers Open Water Diver courses for those just getting started, and deep diving and wreck diving courses for those intent on upping their credentials so that they can take advantage of everything that Port Phillip Bay has to offer. They also teach freediving for those hoping to experience the water in another way. In Queenscliff, underwater adventure awaits!

Have you got plans to go scuba diving in Queenscliff? If so, why not check the water temperature and ensure you've got the right wetsuit packed using our free water temperature checking tool. We know that when you're prepared, your experience will be even more memorable.

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